7 Ene

Collaborative Learning through Online Sessions


Activities that promote collaborative learning in the virtual classroom. Motivating learners through the use of digital tools.

8 Ene

The Dos and Don’ts of Assessment


How to assess your learners’ work in and outside the classroom? What to do, and what not to do?


29 Jul

Understanding your Students’ Emotions

(Master Class)

Lorena Peimbert


Educators are quickly adapting to a new reality full of distance learning content, preparation and tools. However, there is a little aspect we might be neglecting. How do children feel about it? Stress is an element inhibiting learning and teachers will need to address these situations, together with parents, before a new educational model can take place.

22 Jul

Dealing with the COVID Learning Slide

(Master Class)

Maria Luisa Castanedo


Are you ready to go back to school? Are your students? These times have led to the loss of academic skills and notions.

30 Jul

How to Develop Productive Skills in Remote Settings

Luis Ricardo Martinez & Yanzer Rebollo


This session covers strategies to help your students produce language, both in an oral and in a written way even if you are teaching in a remote setting.

27 Jul

How to plan effective lessons in mixed scenarios


In this session, we will look at strategies to help you make the most of online courses. We will also be exploring ways to adapt different textbook tasks to distance and hybrid teaching contexts. We will be sharing some practical tips, tools, and techniques to make learning more engaging and student-centered.

23 Jul

How to Effectively Teach from a Virtual Room


Interaction among students is vital to successful language learning, but how does interaction work when video chats, breakout rooms, and chat panels are the new normal? Join this session to find out more.

20 Jul

How to Assess in Distance Learning


F2F, or online instruction? Learning does not stop. We have been challenged to provide meaningful learning experiences at a distance, and definitely assessment is part of that. Join us to find out practical ideas.

03 june

More than videos! Practical ideas for better flipped learning

Mark Arthur


The flipped classroom has the potential to improve learning outcomes by making better use of class time. Yet, research findings very clearly show that flipped learning is only effective if certain conditions are met. This session explores these research findings and demonstrates how to apply them in practice.

26 May

Cultural diversity in the young adult classroom

Lilian Bretón


Though English, as a global language, is not associated with one particular culture, cultural content on English courses serves a vital role in forming intercultural language users capable of communicating effectively in globalized contexts. This webinar explores cultural diversity in the language classroom as a tool for developing pluricultural competence.

20 May

Can you Imagine a world of Assessment without Tests?

Lemmy Trujillo


Education is much more than scores and diplomas. It is about transferring skills and knowledge into life. Most of the students are good at doing school, at studying and preparing for a test, but they are not so good at life. They get the necessary tools for life but they are not taught how to use them. Our job as educators should be preparing students for the tests of life, not a life of tests. Assessment is a powerful tool for learners to be able to learn and be confident even after they leave school