It’s about time! The most disruptive school term in decades is coming to an end. We know you have made an all-out effort to keep your teaching going. We also know of the challenges you are facing. The valuable feedback to our recent global research with over 2,700 ELT professionals has revealed the most crucial areas that will most likely require additional support.

Following the period of confinement we know you’re going to be facing different and complex challenges when schools reopen.

We have developed a thorough plan for you around four pillars.

Welcome to the Macmillan Education Back To School program!





Pedagogical Resources

We have prepared a series of practical ideas to share with you. Our How to Sessions and Master Classes provide support in assessing teaching and planning in a distance learning setting.

Remedial work

Support in assessing and addressing the gaps in student knowledge, following a period of learning from home.

Diagnostic Resources

We understand the relevance of identifying skill and knowledge gaps and working towards their correction. Let us help with a collection of online resources we have prepared for you.

Social and Emotional

English Language resources to help support students in dealing with the social emotional aspects of the coronavirus crisis.

Whatever your teaching reality, we’ve got you covered.

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